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Our operating hours are:

Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays
9:30am to 7pm

9:30am to 5pm

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays
9:30am to 1pm

*Registration closes at 12:30pm for morning session daily.
Afternoon session, if indicated,  starts from 2:30pm; last registration at 4:30pm on Wednesday; 6:30pm on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.
Patients with prior appointments will be allocated priority as next in queue unless medical emergencies require immediate attention.
We appreciate your understanding and patience for our medical staff to triage and prioritize your queue accordingly.

Closed on Public Holidays

Call us at 6610 8335 to make an appointment

Our Services

Acute / General Medical Care

Personalised Medical Reports

Chronic Care

Minor Procedure

Employment / Work Permit Check-ups

Children's Health

Vaccinations & Travel Medicine

Men’s Health

Lasting Power of Attorney

School Health Checks

Skin / Nail / Hair Care

Women's Health

Our Manage Care Services

National Healthcare Programs

Health Data Infrastructure

Manage Health Partners